Sheet Masking/Painting over Marbling

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Sheet Masking/Painting over Marbling

Postby Griffin.benko » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:49 am

Hello everyone,

I was curious as to your methods for sheet masking or even painting over your marbled works. How can you cover pieces of marbled paper and marble it a second time? I've tried gluing plain white paper to my marbled sheets and had decent results - though I want to do more detailed things and have cleaner, crisper edges.

I'm also seeking advice for another idea that I have. I'd like to paint designs onto my marbled papers with something that is transparent when it dries. That way, you can see all of the marbled pattern underneath. I've tried diluting acrylic paints with water and that didn't go too well. I just tried a dye-based drawing ink and it gives good results but it bleeds a bit into the paper resulting in blurry edges. I even tried placing some contact paper down and using the ink around it but the lines were very blurry because of the bleeding.

Any help would be appreciated. I suppose I can also post some pictures of my ideas if needed - probably easier to show them rather than explain them.

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