Online carageenan suppliers

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Online carageenan suppliers

Post by MarcH »

I have been buying cargeenan from Colophon for decades. I now see that others are offering it as a food supplement on eBay. Has anyone had any experience using the moss from these online suppliers as size? Some of them are quite inexpensive. Thanks.
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Re: Online carageenan suppliers

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Hello! I hadn't been to this forum for ages, and just saw that no one had ever answered your question. The lower-cost carrageenan offered on Amazon, etc., is not the right type for water marbling. Even if their ad SAYS it is for water marbling, you will find that it does not perform anything like the stuff you get from Colophon. If the price seems too good to be true, it is!

If you are looking for a source of high quality blender-type carrageenan powder, please know that I am able to supply it for $45 per pound plus shipping (I am based in the US but can ship to most countries. I get a 40% discount on shipping and I won't charge you for packaging or anything). You can order by phone or email (contact info below) or on my website at


Mayu Silk Art LLC
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Studio: 5192 Bolsa Ave #4, Huntington Beach CA 92649
Please Note: Studio hours vary, and are by appointment only. For public events, such as the HB pier and other art shows, no reservation is required.
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